100% All Natural Juices

Our juices are pressed, bottled and FROZEN to keep for up to 12 months

Available in Durban and Johannesburg

What We Offer

Mobile Juice Bar

Offer your guests the opportunity to choose something delicious and healthy. We find that many events do not cater for a healthy alternative and we want to provide you with that option. Our mobile juice bar is available for bookings in both Durban and Johannesburg.

What’s Included:

Mobile Bar

Our raw Squeeze Me bar setup (with a branded gazebo if outdoors)

Multiple Flavors

A selection of our juices that you can pick from.

Bar Staff

Staff on the day that can offer insight into the wonders to freshly squeezed juice

Personal Branding

You also have the option to personalize our bottle with your branding.

Juices For Events

There is no better way to treat your guests than with a bright and appetizing fresh juice that will give them all the energy at your event. You can also book one of our team members to personally hand out the juices to your guests.

Pick Your Flavour

Pre-order a selection of our freshly-squeezed juices for your event. We also offer all of our clients the opportunity to personalize our bottle with their branding.

Early Delivery

Squeeze Me juices are all bottled and delivered frozen. This allows our customers to freeze the juices until the event so they stay fresh and nutritious. Keeps for 12 months.

Juices For Home

Squeeze Me wants to be available to everyone. We understand the chaos of day-to-day life and we understand the need to be healthy. Juicing doesn’t need to be a once-off detox opportunity. It can become a part of your lifestyle. Enjoying a juice gives your gut a break and your body all the nutrients it needs to operate and heal. Enjoy a Squeeze Me a Day to better your health.

Benefits of a Squeeze Me a day

Quality freshness & convenience
Boosts your digestive system
Fights chronic disease
Improves muscle performance
Boosts immune system
Helps keep your focus
Weight control
Full of nutrition
Feel energised all day
A meal replacement
Give your gut a break
High in dietary fibre
Detoxifies your body
Lowers blood sugar levels
Boost overall health


This isn’t your standard juice offering. We prepare and bottle freshly squeezed raw, all-natural fruit and veggie juices but we also freeze them. We do this immediately and therefore our juices keep for up to 12 months. So there are no more concerns of wasted stock. Get on board and offer your customers a freshly squeezed juice in store or for them to take home frozen to enjoy later.


We want to work with you. This company started to bring health and well-being to as many people we can reach. In a world of long hours and processed food, we want to be the solution to living a healthy lifestyle among our crazy schedules. We want to hear from you if you have any ideas or any opportunities that you could benefit from Squeeze Me.

We’re Excited To Hear From You